Lightweight Wheels

Lightweight wheels made entirely of carbon in Germany to the world.

One of the things most sort after by cyclists is the ability to ride with the least possible weight, in order to obtain the best sensations and maximum performance. On a bike, wheels are one of the essential components. Lightweight is a German brand manufactured in Friedichshafen, born with a clear objective, to revolutionise the world of road bikes. Since 1964, they have made the name Lightweight successful within in the world of cycling wheels.

The Origin of Lightweight

They originally started out as a company manufacturing complex aerodynamic components for sports cars, such as bumpers and spoilers, from fibreglass reinforced plastic. Later they began to manufacture covers for bicycle rear wheels to protect children's feet from getting caught in spokes. Soon after, some triathletes began to use the rear fender as an aerodynamic accessory for their own rear wheels on their bikes. Given the popularity and usefulness of the Lightweight brand product, they began to market time trial and triathlon wheels.

Years later, thanks to the union with the Heindenrich company who supported them in distribution, Dierl and Obermayer designed the first spoked wheel made of carbon. This product quickly received UCI certification when it was presented in 1994. 

After 29 years, Lightweight, originated by Rudolf Dierl and Heinz Obermayer, has catapulted itself as a the reference brand in carbon and profiled wheels. Their revolutionary wheels of many variants have been closely linked to the best and most successful professional cyclists in the world. 

Why Lightweight?

Lightweight works on the development and manufacture of wheels with the main component being carbon. Their artisan nature is defined by the way they are able to mix materials of various qualities and elements to manufacture an exclusive product of extremely high reliability. Lightweight is an expert of this art. For greater than 20 years, they have been researching, testing and developing wheels for cycling with one simple goal: to create the perfect wheel and one which is lightweight, yet offers the best level of stability, rigidity, and comfort. 

Every wheel is carefully constructed by hand to produce a product which maintains the perfect harmony between the cyclist and bicycle. 

The wide variety of models offered by the German company makes you think about which one best suits your needs. They offer a variety of different rim variants, with clincher, tubular and tubeless tires, as well as with rim brakes and disc brakes.

Lightweight and it's most special characteristics

Following so many years developing and producing carbon wheels, Lightweight have found perfection in every detail to make the best wheel for every situation.

  • Special laminated spokes

The lightweight wheel is made entirely of carbon, making it very light. The spokes, which is where performance suffers the most, are fully laminated. The result is spokes which do not show weakness, thank to the fact that they can withstand more than 3,000 kg of tensile force. Laminated spokes will rarely run out unlike aluminum spokes. If the wheels are used according to their purpose, they are almost indestructible. This unique nature of lightweight wheel makes them one one of the most reliable on the market.

  • Carbon, Lightweight's raw material

Lightweight has grown with the word carbon between its eyebrows, and its engineers have captured the philosophy of the German wheel brand. Carbon has better properties than aluminum, as the high rigidity ensures more precision, thus simplifying steering. Lightweight wheels give you incredible speed and hardly any wattage loss due to their its rigid design.

All the wheels are made by hand in Germany. In this way, we as wheel manufacturers can implement our high quality standards and continue to refine them to create the perfect product. 

  • Different equipment options for each Lightweight model.

    All the wheels they produce are made with every possible option in mind. They are available in two options, tubular or clincher. Lightweight also take into consideration the offering of both rim and disc brakes. Other distinguishing features of their road bike wheels are rim height and rim width, which can vary or be configurable depending on the model.

The Lightweight models

Lightweight is focused on appealing to every profile of cyclist looking for the best wheel for every type of performance. That is why Lightweight currently offer a wide variety of models in order to offer the best regardless of the desired use. 


This is one of the lightest wheel produced. Constructed of 100% carbon with laminated spokes which are directly connected to the whee, it is a wheel which defines Lightweight’ s philosophy- high performance, safety and better stiffness than other option on the market. With 20 spokes and a rim width of 24 mm, this is a wheel specifically designed for mountains roads, training and racing.


This wheelset is a homage to the inventor of Lightweight Carbon wheels - Heinz Obermayer. This model is the lightest wheelset offered by Lightweight, requiring very little power to accelerate. A new structure of carbon layering enables this wheel to be further optimised, whilst respecting the wheel's light weight and stability. With the lightest offering from the brand, you will be very well equipped for mountains terrain.


There is nothing wrong with this model, because the Lightweight MEILENSTEIN is a very successful model. It has been a benchmark for years. The high stiffness of this wheel makes steering very direct and reliable, and overall great stability., Ideal for high mountain, off-road and high speed. With your MEILENSTEIN,  you can conquer high mountain ranges, enjoy flat rides and dominate races with courage. The excellent braking performance in both wet and dry conditions will inspire you. You can hardly describe the MEILENSTEIN in words, just drive it.

Lightweight PFADFINDER

The construction of this wheel model in combination with the extended tire width of 40 mm, means that you can maintain control of the bike even off-road. Designed to withstand gravel trails, this model is built with multiple layers of carbon, developing comfort and safety on the bike. 

Lightweight FERNWEG

The high precision of aerodynamics means that triathlon and time trial riders demand the best for their bike. This wheel is the aero wheel from Lightweight A sturdy wheel for maximum performance, this top carbon wheelset offers a combination of aerodynamics, crosswind resistance, stiffness, handling and weight. Compared to the other models, it is a little less stable in crosswinds and a little heavier due to its greater rim depth. 

Lightweight. Yes or no?

After so many years innovating and manufacturing the best in wheels, choosing Lightweight is it an unquestionable choice. Due to the high quality of their products, it’s no coincidence that we can see their products utilised by some of the best sportsmen and women in the world. Lightweight continue to offer the highest quality with a wide range of products that the German brand has to offer. 

Lightweight gives your bike a special character. Stiffness, stability and comfort are its strong points, however we assure you that you will only find what makes them so special once you try a Lightweight product for yourself. 

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