February 3, 2022


Our guides of the best bike friendly specialty cafes in Girona and its surroundings.

The relationship between coffee and cycling makes more sense than we think. Most cyclists drink coffee before, during and even after a ride for a few reasons. Firstly, coffee and it’s caffeination wakes you up and stimulates your senses. Secondly, for its warmth factor on cold winter days, and lastly, for the social aspect of cycling ‘coffee’ creates. It is the perfect excuse to stop and comment on the start.

The guide we have created below explores our selection of best bike friendly cafes and specialty coffee shops in Girona, for you to experience.

Our selection highlights a focus on places where you can find the highest quality speciality coffee, and fresh, locally sourced food. At Velodrom, we live by this same focus and always try adhere to the highest quality.


Created by Amber and Christian Meier, La Fabrica was the first speciality coffee shop in Girona.

Christian, a professional cyclist for many years, decided together with his wife Amber to take a risk and to fulfil their dream to open a cafe in Girona; creating something Amber would enjoy as much Christian loved racing.

La Fabrica is a place where you will find appetising, beautiful dishes, and can enjoy coffee roasted by Meier himself.

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A year after opening La Fabrica, Christian decided that he wanted to control the entire coffee production process in order to provide the best possible coffee. They decided to expand, opening their own coffee roaster and Girona’s only in-house coffee roaster-Espresso Mafia.

A place to enjoy a great coffee, and where you may even find Christian Meier roasting himself.

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From small beginnings, Jannik and Nora started this project within a local fruit and vegetable store, pursing their passion for speciality coffee. Following success, they decided to open their own Girona store, creating an inclusive space for coffee and art lovers.

Valuing top quality coffee, they carefully select the best coffees from roasters and rotate these often, allowing customers to explore and enjoy a variety of unique coffees. Not only do they offer coffee. In Oniria, you will find a variety of vegan sweets, fresh sandwiches, and other seasonal goods.

Surrounded by a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, Oniria is a place that invites you to stay

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Hors Categorie is the meeting place for cyclists. Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner; you will feel at home in this bike friendly cafe.

Healthy, quality food, beers of all kinds, and good coffee, surrounded in an environment of cycling memorabilia. Hosting viewings of important cycling races, a vibrant atmosphere is always present. One of the more reasons Hors Categorie is a hot spot of Girona.

One of our favourite dishes is the Salmon Poke, which is great after a long outing

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Hidden is a coffee roaster from Barcelona, one in which has a reputation for high quality specialty coffee. Located close to Velodrom, Hidden has recently opened a coffee shop in Girona.

Hidden’s passionate team travel direct to the origin, in search of sourcing the best coffee from sustainable, small producers. Roasting all of their coffee in house, maximum freshness and quality control is part of Hidden’s philosophy. In addition to great coffee, here you will also find sandwiches, and various delicious cakes and pastries.

Our recommendation is to go before a ride, and enjoy a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich accompanied by an espresso.

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In Carrer de la Força, very close to our store, we find Federal Cafe. Federal is a cozy place where you can enjoy brunch or something to eat after a ride.

Providing a small garage where you can securely leave your bike and belongings, allowing you to enjoy some food or coffee with peace of mind. We recommend trying the Benedict eggs and truffled potatoes, which are unlike any others

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Jan and Emma Frodeno created La Comuna with the idea of basing their menu around sessional local produce, prepared with care, to create delicious and nutritionally balanced dishes.

La Comuna is a great meeting place for many cyclists before and after their rides, and a place where you can breathe positive energy, drink excellent coffee, and enjoy delicious healthy food.

We recommend the Breakfast Burrito and a Kombucha as an excellent post-ride meal.

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Located at the end of the Rambla de Girona, Eat Sleep Cycle Café is open daily offering good specialty coffee and a varied menu inspired by seasonal produce. Hosting a large terrace, it is a great place to end a ride and enjoy a drink in the sun.

Other cafes in the Girona surroundings:

Here we propose cafeterias where you can stop during a ride, either to rest, replenish energy or simply enjoy a quick coffee.

La Maglia Coffee & Co

A cafeteria located in Platja d'Aro, we consider La Maglia to be a good pit stop on your routes from Girona to the coast.

This cycling-themed cafe is a place where you can leave your bike parked and enjoy a coffee, or even a fresh bagel to fill your stomach and replenish your energy for the return to Girona.

Here is a route from Girona to the coast, which will take you to La Maglia.

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Rustik Empordà

Located in Bellcaire, Rustik is an ideal café if you take a route through l’Empordà. If you are in Girona on a cycling trip, Rustik is a must to stop and try one of their huge loaded toasts or filled croissants.

Our favourite is the chocolate cream and banana filled croissant; one you cannot miss!

Here you have a gravel route which incorporates a stop at this must see cafe.



In the beautiful village of Pals, you will find Grava. A space where you can enjoy a great coffee, as well as a brunch, a late lunch or even dinner.

Considering doing a road route to Grava from Girona?

La Nevateria Olot

La Nevateria is a workshop located in the Les Mates industrial estate, which produces a variety of fresh pastries and breads. Using only the highest quality products, they focus on quality control and consistency.

Another great pit stop, where we recommend tasting a good ’80 +’ specialty coffee and indulging in a spectacular fresh donut.

We recommend this route, which passes right through here.



Here you will find a map locating the cafeterias we have mentioned above. The majority of them are located in the Barri Vell of Girona, however, we have also included some of our favorites in the surrounding areas, for you to explore during your routes.

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