Bike Fitting Barcelona has been perfecting the position of our cycling customers on their bicycles for more than 10 years. Do you have discomfort or pain when you ride your bike? At we are specialists in bike fittings and we are in the heart of Barcelona. We have more than 10.000 bike fittings under our belt and more than 9 years of experience back us up.

In our Barcelona headquarters, the Velodrom Bike fitting uses the latest technology: 3D Retül Analysis - Gebiomized saddle pressure mapping system - Guru Dynamic fit unit, allowing us to improve your position and help you to reach the next level.

You may never have suffered aches or pains riding your bike, but if you have never had your position checked before, a professional bike fitting will allow you to improve comfort, performance, aerodynamics, and efficiency. A substantial improvement in your position on the bike can have a huge impact on your performance as an athlete.



Bike Fitting 1 Bike

1 hour and 45 minutes

  • 1 bike position
  • You will need to book an appointment.
  • Cleat positioning: up to 2 pairs of shoes.
  • Saddle Pressure Mapping included
  • Saddle Assessment
  • 2 follow up appointments
  • Complete report
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Bike fitting 2 bikes

2 hours and 30 minutes

  • 2 bikes of 2 different disciplines
  • You will need to book an appointment.
  • Cleat positioning: up to 3 pairs of shoes.
  • Saddle Pressure Mapping included
  • Saddle Assessment
  • 2 follow up appointments
  • Complete report.
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Our bike fitting in Barcelona is completely different from what you can find in other bike fitting places around here. In, the bike fitting is done on top of our Guru Dynamic Fit unit instead of on your own bike. The Guru DFU is a robotic unit that allows us to modify the position while you are pedaling, allowing us to explore new positions and options without you stepping off the bike. We spend our time improving your position and not screwing and unscrewing bolts.


At we use 4 different technologies, that working together in conjunction and harmony, allow us to find the perfect position. But no machine works without a human mind and expertise behind. That is why in Velodrom we have more than 10.000 bike fittings under our belt in the last 8 years.

GURU Dynamic Fit Unit

Our robotic Dynamic Fit Unit allows us to dynamically modify the position while you are pedaling. You do not have to stop pedaling or get off the robotic bike when we modify the height or setback of the saddle, neither when we modify the reach or height of the handlebar.

In addition, we can save different positions and modify them in a matter of seconds, so you can try the different positions without stopping pedaling, allowing you to feel and assess the different sensations you get in the different positions.

3D Retül Analysis

Retül is the original and unique 3D dynamic measurement system. Retül allows us to identify the optimal position for the cyclist using infrared sensors installed in the different key points of the joint.

Retül allows us to analyze the information in-depth dimension, indicating lateral knee movements and pelvic deviations.

GEBIOMIZED Saddle Pressure Mapping

Our Gebiomized pelvic pressure analysis system allows us to analyze how you are positioned on your saddle, identifying pelvic rotations, prostate discomfort, and incorrect positions in the height and setback of the saddle. All of our bike fittings include a pre and post-modification pelvic pressure analysis.

Our Bike fitting Master: Toni Rodriguez

Our bike fitter is Toni Rodriguez, and he is a certified sports physiotherapist specializing in cyclists, so he knows perfectly all the parts of the human body involved in cycling biomechanics. As well, thanks to his massages and treatments, it will make your legs perfect for any competition you need.

Different positions that we analyze


The position on your road bike should focus on achieving a perfect balance between aerodynamics, power generation and comfort that allows you to perform at your best.

Triathlon / Time Trial

A Triathlon bike fitting has to take into account the length of the different competitions, in order to select a position with the best balance of aerodynamics and comfort. A very aggressive position is useless if it later adversely affects the race.


A mountain bike cyclist needs the same biomechanical needs as a road cyclist or a triathlete and depending on the intensity and volume performed, these needs can be even higher.


The new trend that has burst into Spain. The explosive and demanding nature of this discipline makes it necessary for the position to be tuned to the maximum. Straddling the mountain and the road, a biomechanics study for gravel or cyclocross will allow you to enjoy the tracks 100% maximizing your performance and comfort.


We offer you a series of additional services that can complement your bike fitting. Remember that you will get discounts if you carry out the biomechanical study of your bicycle with us.


Bike model-size simulation for purchase

We can do a simulation of the different bikes you are interested in buying (here or somewhere else). We will indicate the ideal model and size, the stem length, the handlebar width, and the necessary seatpost that you need on the different models that you are interested in.


Setting up measurements on new bike

If you have done a bike fitting with us and you have changed your bike for another one, we can set up your bike with the measurements of the bike fitting you did with us.


  • Anatomical examination, flexibility analysis, and anthropometric measurements
  • Fitting of the cleats up to two pairs of shoes
  • Complete Bike Fitting on our Guru DFU and Retül 3D technology and the Gebiomized Pressure system.
  • Lower Body: Obtaining the ideal measurements of setback, height and saddle inclination
  • Upper body: Obtaining the ideal measurements of height, inclination and drop of the handlebar.
  • Pressure analysis of your saddle using the Gebiomized system
  • Report of your bike measurements so you can reproduce the position on other bikes you have
  • Placement on your bike of the measurements that we have extracted from the biomechanical study so that you can start riding with your new position. (parts not included)
  • Recommendations of several saddles in case you have problems.
  • Up to 2 follow-up appointments if necessary to revise, refine and define the final position.

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