March 17, 2022

The best bike shops in Girona

Discover the best bike shops in Girona with this guide.

Are you planning to take a cycling trip to Girona? Girona has some spectacular cycling routes, both road and gravel, however during your downtime exploring Girona, there are many cycling stores you cannot miss. In this guide, we have selected what we believe to be the best bike shops in Girona, worthy of a visit during your trip.  

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With modesty aside, we believe that our cycling boutique, Velodrom Girona, is one of the best cycling shops in Girona. We work with very exclusive cycling brands such as Rapha, Pas Normal Studios and Maap. We also focus our store model around high-end casual clothing brands related to cycling, such as Paul Smith or Laser Barcelona.

We opened Velodrom Girona in 2021, during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Managing all of the possible inconveniences during this time, we still believed with persistence the risks taken to do so pay off.

The visual of our cycling boutique has been carefully curated, with works of art strategically placed around the store and attention to detail. We believe we've managed to convey "cycling" when you walk through our door.

Located in center of Barri Vell of Girona on a pedestrian street close to the Pont de Pedra. If you take a walk through Girona you will be sure to find us. 

The Service Course

Established by Christian Meier, after recognising a gap in the market and the absence of a premium bike shop in Girona. 

Following the opening of La Fabrica and Espresso Mafia, Meier decided to open The Service Course, creating a space the cyclist had everything he needed, from a workshop, clothing, showers, and a bicycle rental service. Now, they also offer a selection of steel, carbon and titanium bikes, in addition to their own in house clothing brand. 

Without a doubt, the service course is a must visit whilst you are in Girona. 


Opened in 2019, it is located 10 minutes from Girona, more specifically in Sarrià de Ter.  Housed in what was the first paper factory in Spain, the building has been restored and transformed into a bicycle shop.

They have everything from children's bicycles to high-end bicycles for MTB, road, urban or E-bikes, from recognised brands such as Specialized, BMC and Orbea.

They also offer a bicycle service store and biomechanics services. 


Founded in 2015, Eat Sleep Cycles was created to cover all the demands of Girona in terms of Tours, bicycle rental and its sales. It is a place where you will find a bit of everything: clothing, accessories, bicycles, components,...

At Eat Sleep Cycle, they also their own workshop and in now feature their own cafeteria and restaurant, which opened in 2021. 


The famous Italian cycling apparel firm, Castelli, has opened a new flagship store in the heart of Girona. It is a super spacious store and it has been designed to showcase the Castelli products so it can display the full ‘complete the kit’ experience and it has plenty of fitting rooms. There are multiple displays around the store which increases brand enhancement, highlighting the latest product stories. The store now also features a small cycling heritage space where they celebrate some of the many teams and athletes that Castelli has worked with them over the different years. It has a knowledgeable and passionate, and of course friendly, staff team.


Our trusted workshop in the Barri Vell of Girona. Dos Off Track is a place that is quite close to our store, Boris will welcome you with open arms. Many professional cyclists use Boris for bike servicing, due to his attention to detail and meticulousness. Boris can be trusted regardless of the bike or problem. 

Here, you will find a map locating the stores that we have mentioned previously. Most of these are located in the Barri Vell of Girona.

Velodrom Barcelona
Carrer Comte Salvatierra 6, 08006 – Barcelona

Velodrom Girona
Carrer de l'Argenteria 9 - 17004 Girona

Velodrom Katowice (Poland)
Kępowa 45, 40-583 Katowice
Poland Online Store:

Velodrom Ecuador
Gasolinera PDV, Ruta Viva KM. 8, Quito 170184, Ecuador

Velodrom Barcelona
Monday to Friday: 10:30-13:30 and 16:30-20:30
Saturday: 16:30-20:30
Sundays: Closed

Velodrom Girona
Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00-13:30 and 16:30-20:30
Monday: 16:30 - 20:30
Sundays: Closed

Velodrom Katowice
Monday: 16:30 - 20:30
Tuesday to Friday: 10:00-18:00
Saturdays: 10:00 - 15:00
Sundays: Closed

Velodrom Ecuador
Monday to Friday: 10:30-13:30 and 14:30-19:30
Saturdays: 11:00 - 14:00 and 16:00 - 19:00
Sundays: Closed


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