Places to visit in Girona and its surroundings.

We have made a selectiobn of the best places to visit in the city of Girona and its surroundings.

In the same way that when we visit places, we like to be recommended where to go or what to do. Here we offer you a list of our recommendations of places that you cannot miss on your trip.

Girona is not only a perfect place to go by bike, rather offers a huge variety of things to do, to make your trip one you’ll want to repeat year after year.

If you feel like having a coffee, here you will find a list of the best in Girona.

Barri Vell

One of the musts of your trip to Girona is going to be visiting its Barri Vell, the old town of the city. It is undoubtedly worth going through all its steep stairs, exploring its arcaded squares and getting lost amongst its old streets.

Within Barri Vell, you will find other points of interest that we detail below:

Such as the Cathedral of Girona, the Wall, the Pont de Pedra,…

La Catedral de Girona

Also known as the Cathedral of Santa María de Girona, you can observe it from many points in the city as it stands above them all. We recommend to experience the Cathedral from the front and venture up the grand stairs towards its entrance. If you’d like to visit it, here you have more information. Do not be confused with the Basilica of Sant Feliu, which is the other bell tower that also standing out above almost the entirety of the Barri Vell.

The Cathedral of Girona has the widest Gothic nave in the world, and in it you can differentiate styles such as Romanesque, Gothic and Neoclassical. 

Muralla de Girona

Once you have climbed the cathedral, we recommend you go to the Alemanys's Garden and continue on walking along the Muralla. It surrounds almost the entire Barri Vell, ending near the Pont de Pedra, next to an old bunker used during the Spanish Civil War for protection from bombers.

It is a walk which offers different viewpoints views of the entire city and the mountains, behaving as a stunning place to view sunsets. 

Pont de les Peixateries Velles

One of the most famous bridges in the city, the Pont de Ferro, Eiffel Bridge or officially Pont de les Peixateries Velles, crosses over the Onyar River. The current bridge was built by the Eiffel et Cie company, the same company who built the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.

From this bridge, you have great views of the colourful houses of the Onyar river, with the Basilica of Sant Feliu and the Cathedral of Santa María in the background. Crossing the bridge takes you from the commercial street of Santa Clara to Argentería street or to Rambla de Girona, where our store is located.

Pont de Pedra

This bridge also crosses over the Onyar river, and is recognised within in Architectural Heritage of Catalonia.

From the bridge, you can experience views of the Pont de les Peixateries Velles, the Basilica of Sant Feliu and the Cathedral of Girona. Being a central point, it is a starting reference for your trip to Girona. 

On the approach to the bridge, you will find the Oriell fleca. We recommend you try some of the best "xuixos" of the city, typical sweet from Girona.

Plaça de la Independència

A neoclassical style square, also a site of Catalonian Architectural Heritage

Currently, it is surrounded by a huge variety of restaurants, giving it life and is making it a central meeting point in the heart of Girona. 

Located at the end of Carrer de Santa Clara it also has a passageway in one of its arcades connecting a bridge that crosses towards the Barri Vell.

Parque de la Devesa

Clearly escape of Girona, it is considered the largest urban park in Catalonia.

Located next to the Ter, the park is full of banana trees which create an environment ideal perfect for a walk or run to disconnect. It is one of the places where the famous "Temps de Flors" is organised, and during the summer hosts concerts, street food, and the famous festival of Sant Narcís (the patron Saint of Girona). 

¿Qué visitar fuera de Girona?

Here we offer you a selection of the places that we believe are worth going to if you are visiting the Girona area. Near Girona you have the Empordà area, which has medieval towns that have been very well preserved, you also have the Costa Brava, which in summer is definitely worth a visit to one of its small beaches.

We recommend places to visit, to go on excursions or simply walk and spend a day in a different way.

Lago de Banyoles

Located only 25 minutes by car from Girona, you will find Banyoles. A small city built on a beautiful lake, we recommend you enjoy walking it perimeters, or if you go by bike, we have several road and gravel routes around Banyoles for you to explore. 

The walk around the lake is around 5km long and is certainly worth doing on your visit to Banyoles. If it coincides with the good summer weather, there is an area set up for swimming or bathing.

Volcanes de la Garrotxa y Santa Pau

An excursion that we recommend is going to visit the Santa Margarida volcano and the Croscat volcano, located about 40km from Girona, parking in the same Santa Margarida car park, you can see both volcanoes, you just have to follow the indications, in the Santa Margarida you can even go inside the crater of the volcano where you will see its Church and its peculiar volcanic land.

A good option is to do the excursion to the volcanoes and then go to visit the town of Santa Pau, where you can stay to eat and if not you can go to Olot where you can also eat.


A beautiful town located between Banyoles and Olot, amid two rivers, the Fluvià and the Capellades. Upon entering the town, you will be welcomed by the sight of the spectacular Romanesque bridge.

It is one of the best preserved towns, they say that visiting it is like traveling to the middle ages.

We would not miss it!


A beautiful town in l'Empordà that has become more famous, since it appeared in the well-known film "Eight Catalan surnames" and for us it is a good town to stop in the middle of a route and have a sandwich, and then return to Girona through the port of Santa Pellaia.

Here you have a route that first goes through narrow and little-known roads of the Empordà, and then returns to Girona via Santa Pellaia.


A village located in the Baix Empordà. Like Besalú, it is one of the towns that best preserves it’s medieval architecture.

It certainly deserves a visit on your trip to Girona, and we recommend you lose yourself in its labyrinth of streets, and beautiful buildings featuring facades full of vines and flowers.

Peratallada is also known for great gastronomy, thanks to its large tourist interest.


Pals is a medieval town in the Baix Empordà with a wide gastronomic offer. We recommended going in the morning and kick starting your day with breakfast in Grava, followed by a stroll through its cobbled streets, a visit to the tower, and completing the day eating a local rice dish in one of its restaurants.

Alternatively, we recommend heading across to Platja de Pals and enjoying paella on the shores of the famous Costa Brava.

Cadaqués y Cap de Creus

Cadaqués, which for Salvador Dalí is the most beautiful town in the world, is a place we love.

Every year Velodrom organises an outing that goes from Barcelona to Cadaqués, with a shorter option that departs from Girona. If you happen to be traveling through the city, don't hesitate to sign up for this very special day.

We recommend visiting Cap de Creus to watch the sunset while listening to live music, or otherwise taking a scenic excursion along the beachfront to the Cala Nans Lighthouse.

Here we leave you a map locating the different sites shown.

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