September 12, 2023

Wahoo Kickr Shift

The new Wahoo Kickr Shift is Wahoo's new indoor training bike at a more affordable price.

Wahoo has introduced a budget-friendly version of its high-end KICKR BIKE: the WAHOO KICKR BIKE SHIFT. By eliminating certain features like the incline motor and incorporating a standard belt drive (which doesn't produce any noise), the price is reduced by 1500 euros. There are also standard improvements now included. One could argue that for many, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT might be a more logical choice currently within Wahoo's indoor bike range.

This new model, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT, is priced at 2999 euros, significantly lower than the 4000 euros of the original KICKR BIKE. This price places it alongside mid-range smart bike competitors like the Stages SB20 and Wattbike ATOM 2020.


Technologically, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT is notably different from the existing KICKR BIKE. From the frame design to the electronics, there are numerous modifications. It's important to highlight that the new model offers a slimmer design, addressing concerns about the wider top-tube of the previous versions. This leaner design improves compatibility with the cyclist.

Furthermore, the redesigned handles and the seatpost clamp offer improved usability. The latest seatpost clamp features a hex-compatible nut, ensuring it stays in place, and eliminating the slippage issues of earlier versions.

The electronics section showcases fewer wires, adopting a system similar to the Di2/AXS junction boxes that attach magnetically. A potential concern is the strength of these magnets, but Wahoo is already considering enhancements in this area.


A significant overhaul can be seen in the drivetrain/freewheel system at the back of the KICKR SHIFTER. It no longer features the motor-driven electromagnetic drivetrain of the KICKR BIKE V1/V2. Instead, it aligns more with the standard Wahoo KICKR trainers. The new system is notably quiet. The omission of the KICKR CLIMB gradient simulation results in a quieter and simpler mechanical setup.

However, the gear indicator, which was present in the KICKR BIKE V1/V2, is notably missing. This poses challenges in apps like Zwift. But both Wahoo and Zwift seem to have this on their radar.

Customization, adjustments, and virtual transmission.

Customization is essential for any serious cyclist. Wahoo knows this, and that's why they've developed an intuitive setup app that guides you in adapting the KICKR BIKE to the exact geometry of your outdoor bike. Moreover, thanks to the quick-release levers, you can adjust your bike easily and swiftly, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.

Say goodbye to limitations with the virtual shifting and custom gears of the KICKR BIKE SHIFT. Now, you can adjust the shifting ratios of your bike, customizing the number of speeds and the cassette's teeth. The best part? This bike replicates most of the group sets from major manufacturers to offer you a highly personalized riding experience.


With KICKR DIRECT CONNECT, the KICKR BIKE SHIFT connects directly to your router, ensuring a stable and consistent transmission for your virtual rides. Moreover, the WiFi connectivity ensures fast and flawless interaction with your devices and facilitates automatic firmware updates.

To conclude, we leave you here with all the technical specifications of the Wahoo Kickr Shift:

  • Price: EURO €2,999.99
  • Maximum Power: 2200 Watts
  • Accuracy: +/-1%
  • Drive: Belt
  • Maximum User Weight: 250 lbs // 113.39 kgs
  • Bike Weight: 40 kgs
  • Power Requirements: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 2.5A Max
  • Firmware Updates: Wireless

In summary, the Wahoo KICKR Shift promises to revolutionize the world of indoor training with its advanced features and adaptability. Whether you are a cycling enthusiast or just looking for the best home training experience, this is the equipment you've been waiting for.

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