The best road routes around Girona

Our selection of routes of a variety of routes around Girona. 

Girona, the place for excellence of professional cycling, famous for gastronomy, scenic locations, and tourism. With our selection of road routes through Girona, from short routes of 2-3 hours to routes of 5-6 hours, you will experience all corners of the Girona area, from the Costa Brava to the mountains of the Pyrenees. Every time you go out you will feel like a professional. 

We leave you a selection of 6 perfect routes to discover the corners and secrets of Girona. You will visit the Coast through the Sant Grau climb, go to the Pyrenees through l'Estany de Banyoles, and discover the medieval towns of l'Empordà.

The routes are ordered according to their difficulty from less to more and separated between routes of less than 3 hours and routes greater than 3 hours.

Routes of less than 3 hours


A simple route, with two simple "climbs" perfect for a low-intensity start. However, depending on the pace you set, it can be quite intense. First, navigating through the Sant Gregori valley, a cold yet beautifully green valley, until descending towards the Ter. The route then continues up to the second climb, usually warmer and in the sunshine, before rolling down homebound towards Girona. 

  • Length: 53km
  • Altitude: +590m
  • Time: 2:20h
  • Climbs: 2
  • Difficulty: Low


We will go north to look for the Pla de l'Estany, where you will see that it is not so "flat" and is full of ups and downs, many curves, narrow roads and few cars, and depending on the time you may even come across some professional rider.

  • Lenght: 62km
  • Altitude: +700m
  • Time: 2:40h
  • Climbs: 0
  • Difficulty: Low-Medium

Hincapie Loop

One of the most complete routes, relatively close to Girona, we crossed Les Gavarres twice, first towards l'Empordà and then back to the Girona valley and flattened towards the city.

  • Lenght: 62km
  • Altitude: +910m
  • Time: 2:40h
  • Climbs: 2
  • Difficulty: Medium

Routes of more than 3 hours


The mighty Rocacorba, you will have noticed it when arriving at Girona from the south, due to its distinct twins antennas at the top. This route will approach Banyoles before climbing Rocacorba, depending back down and following the scenic narrow roads to Girona. 

  • Lenght: 73km
  • Altitude: +1210m
  • Time: 4:00h
  • Climb: 1
  • Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Costa Brava

Heading south towards the sea through the Sant Grau climb, we will go down towards the ocean and following the famous windy coastal road, before following the GI-682, to head towards Calonge, through the rolling roads of the l'Empordà, and head back to Girona.

  • Lenght: 111km
  • Altitude: +1680m
  • Time: 4:45h
  • Climb: 3
  • Difficulty: Medium

Mare de Déu del Mont

The great and mighty Mare de Déu del Mont. We will see its grand peak as we approach it through the Pla de l’Estany, enjoy the scenic views as we climb, before enjoying a Coca Cola to revitalise for the return to Girona. 

  • Lenght: 120km
  • Altitude: +1830m
  • Time: 5:30h
  • Climbs: 1
  • Difficulty: Hard
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