The best gravel routes around Girona

Our selection of gravel routes around Girona to discover incredible corners.

Girona is a very famous area in the circle of professional cycling, due to its vast network of pristine condition roads, good weather, vibrant city, great gastronomy, specialty cafes, etc. These reasons are what make Girona the perfect place for cycling. However, if you are looking for good gravel, tracks, trails, tranquility away from cars, and discovering medieval towns every 10 kilometres, then Girona is the perfect place for you

We have prepared a selection of gravel routes in Girona that will leave you speechless. We have separated them into different distances so you can choose the one that best suits you. These gravel routes have no technical difficulty, and you have options from more rolling routes to more remanding routes.

The routes are ordered according to their difficulty from less to more and separated between routes of less than 3 hours and routes of more than 3 hours.

Routes of less than 3 hours

Gravel to the south of Girona

With this route you will discover the small corners of gravel that Girona offers. It is a very complete route, very small roads, singletracks, wide trails, climbs and especially DOWNHILLS! This route passes by the "Crosa Volcano", the closest to Girona. We are sure this route is one you’ll want to repeat. 

  • Length: 57km
  • Altitude: +540m
  • Time: 2:30h
  • Climbs: 0
  • Difficulty: Low

La Santa Vall - Short

We share with you the route of one of our favourite Klassmark races, a very fast course that will make you enjoy the Gravel, very rolling tracks, some trails and above all some surprises or traps.

  • Length: 68km
  • Altitude: +520m
  • Time: 3:00h
  • Climbs: 2
  • Difficulty: Low-Medium

Rutas de más de 3 horas

Gravel to the north of Girona

On this route you will enjoy the views of the Rocacorba mountain and the Pyrenees. A very fast route with all its unevenness, as you will always be going up or down. You can stop at l'Estany de Banyoles to have a drink and even take a refreshing swim when the heat hits!

  • Length: 73km
  • Altitude: +660m
  • Time: 3:30h
  • Climbs: 0
  • Difficulty: Low-Medium

Gravel in the heart of l'Empordà - Girona

We will go straight to the heart of l'Empordà - Girona, crossing tracks and navigating small roads through medieval villages within the small valleys. This route defines why the L’Emporda is a true gravel paradise. Add a stop at Grava Pals with a good coffee and sandwich and you have the ultimate day on the bike. This is one of the most popular gravel routes in Girona.

  • Length: 88km
  • Altitude: +610m
  • Time: 4:20h
  • Climbs: 0
  • Difficulty: Media
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  • Do you want us to guide you through all the gravel in Girona? Contact us to hire a guide to enjoy the routes with a local expert. 

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