February 23, 2022


One of the most awaited collections of 2022: Pas Normal Studios x Pirelli Collab

The Pas Normal Studios X PIRELLI collab sets aside peace of mind to put the hardness and resistance of wheels to the test. Tires are our only contact with the ground when we ride a bicycle, the two wheels with their tires are our only lifesaver. And what better formula than bringing together the fashion brand Pas Normal Studios, which always seeks a balance of comfort between the cyclist and the bicycle, and Pirelli, a world-famous brand for making Racing tires, now working together with a commitment to the world of cycling.

Pirelli is an Italian industrial company based in Milan dedicated to the design and manufacture of tires multiple vehicles, and always with one goal: make this vehicles faster and more durable. Pirelli is not only focused on motorsports, cycling has its place in their range with a clear destiny: create the perfect tires. Research and design have been done for months to bring out a range already present in most of the World Tour races around the world.

You can visit the Pas Normal Studios website here.


Siena is the one chosen city by Pas Normal Studios to start and test its collab. It is a town in the region of Tuscany, near Florence, famous for its endurance horse race where there is only one winner and it is organized by its own habitants and receives thousands of people every year. But there is an event that also attracts thousands of people, and that is the Strade Bianche, a highly coveted and important classic race for the best cyclists.

It is characterized by its “Sterrato” sections and its hills, where Pas Normal Studios sees a clear opportunity to put the new Pirelli collection to the test. Wheels tested against dirt roads, cobblestones and poorly maintained roads now can be possible thanks to the Pas Normal Studios x Pirelli tires, and they have been designed for Racing development and durability always with its yellow touch so characteristic of the Italian firm.

Pas Normal Studios will be present the Strade Bianche the 5th of March 2022.


The PIRELLI COLLAB with Pas Normal Studios also includes a series of personal products for casual use to maintain the essence and balance of the clothing brand and add the "Corsican" touch of the Italian firm.

A T-shirt, with the logo of the Italian brand on the front at the height of the abdomen, and the signature touch of Pas Normal Studios in the heart next to the logo.

The cap follows the same pattern as the shirt, with the PIRELLI logo on the front and the clothing brand's signature on one side, always maintaining the contrast of the brand with the color of the cap.

The musette is another product designed for the collection with PIRELLI keeping a design faithful to the other products. With a clear contrast between the color of the product and the brand name, with two sides, one for each signature. On one side appears Pirelli and on the other Pas Normal Studios.

A bottle and socks are the other two products that Pas Normal Studios has decided to bring out in this collaboration and collection with the Italian brand PIRELLI, following the pattern of the other products.


In conclusion, we have in front of us a collection focused on racing and high intensities with the counterweight of the elegance that the Pas Normal Studios brand transmits, and this is demonstrated by its main product. Tires are designed to get the most out of each person and with a “Corsa” approach that makes cyclists feel to never stop enjoying this sport.

Always without forgetting the contribution of the fashion brand, PAS NORMAL STUDIOS, designing and creating high-quality garments and accessories to wear in a more casual environment, but with the essence of PIRELLI.


You can buy all the Pirelli x Pas Normal Studios Collab in our online store clicking here and in our physical stores in Barcelona, Girona and Katowice. nuestra tienda online podrás ver y comprar toda la colección PIRELLI de PNS. Haz para visitar nuestra tienda online.

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