February 16, 2022


The new 2022 Pas Normal Studios collection inspired in comfort and long distance riding.

The Pas Normal Studios Essential collection reveals the most essential range that every cyclist will need from the Pas Normal Studios universe. Out of the eccentric comes a new and improved line, and that is the essential thing in life is what we need, and on the bike, we ask for the greatest possible comfort for as long as possible.

When demand and effort are required, we see the ESSENTIAL collection reflected in it, a collection designed to last, endure and resist. And it is what Pas Normal Studios has been looking for in this redesign: trying to make each garment able to be used in the long run.

Enjoying the adventure of riding a bike depends on ourselves, and the fact is that we have no limitations other than the immensity of this planet with incredible landscapes. So venture out and enjoy cycling in the most comfortable way with ESSENTIAL for a longer and more casual ride. The perfect choice all year round for long trips in good company. This collection launches on February 16, 2022.

You can visit the Pas Normal Studios website here.

Inspiration of the collection

Pas Normal Studios has decided to make a new approach into the Essential collection, to be able to reach all types of cyclists, from existing and potential ones from all origins. As well, they have created a new range of women's specific fit Jerseys and bib shorts. Essential comes in a wide range of seasonal neutral colors, from the darkest to the lightest, promising a modest yet striking aesthetic. Always maintaining the aesthetic line of Pas Normal Studios.

The Jerseys offered from the new Essential collection maintain a design faithful to the Pas Normal Studio universe, with a free fit that adapts to your daily riding style. This new collection is determined by its improvement in endurance design, and the bib shorts, which are one of the most sensitive garments in terms of resistance on long routes, has been redesigned with new straps, making them more versatile, suitable for quick and relaxed removal of the bib short.

Essential is a year-round collection, and jackets have their place. Lighter garments but with three layers to make them waterproof, and a looser and more relaxed fit, focused on those long cold routes. The vest is also part of the Essential Collection, and Pas Normal Studios has designed it loosely to accommodate extra layers on cold winter rides. And all this while incorporating the key technical features of his other Pas Normal Studios designs in the new Essential collection for this year 2022.

A more relaxed fit.

The Pas Normal Studios Essential Collection was based on the concepts of community, exploration with the result of appreciating the time you spend riding. The pieces of this collection have a more relaxed fit to encourage its use for the pleasure and enjoyment of those moments that we ride a bicycle.

In short, the Essential collection by Pas Normal Studios conveys freedom with a more resistant design but with a distinctive look and feel of PNS.

  • More relaxed and longer outings
  • Neutral colors
  • Resistance for more enjoyment
  • Longer and more casual driving
  • Perfect throughout the year
  • Key technical features of their other designs
  • New range of specific fit for women's jerseys and bib shorts.


In our online store you can buy all the Pas Normal Studios Essential Collection. Click here to visit our online store.

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