July 21, 2022

Enve Melee Bicycle

The new flagship of the American brand. An incredible, fast and premium bike.

ENVE debuted the ‘Custom Road’ in 2021. The 100% built in Utah frameset marked the start of a new chapter for ENVE as a frame and complete bike manufacturer. 

Today, July 21, 2022, ENVE introduces its newest bike: the ENVE Melee. 

The Enve Melee Bike is a road bike specifically designed to meet the high performance and versatility demands of today's road racers. In 2021, ENVE launched its first complete bike, the Custom Road manufactured in Ogden, Utah, and stated its intention to evolve the brand from a wheel and component specialist to a complete bicycle brand. 

The frame of the Enve Melee is made in ENVE's TAIWAN factory, however the moulds for this new ENVE bike are built in the USA, ensuring a perfect finish. 

The MELEE is available in seven standard frame sizes, from size 47 to 60. 

The rider can customise the frame by choosing the measurements of the components (stem, handlebars and seatpost), and in addition can order coloured stickers to customise their MELEE. 


The Enve Melee Bike has been specially designed to achieve maximum performance based on:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Easy handling and response
  • Stiffness
  • Versatility
  • Functional comfort
  • Customisation and options for the best fit


Decades of marketing around the mystique of carbon fibre, have led people to focus on the people to focus on the material itself rather than the process it undergoes.

At ENVE, they design and build to the strengths of carbon fibre. This means that the fibres are continuous throughout the part, the laminate is tapered and excess material is removed in order to save weight. In addition, the fibres are layered and oriented to achieve area-specific performance requirements such as impact resistance, stiffness and comfort.

ENVE's promise is that if you ride ENVE, you are riding the best. Like all ENVE products, the Melee has been extensively tested and qualified in the lab and on the road to ensure the intended ENVE riding experience.


Building on ENVE's Real-World Fast aerodynamic technologies, the Melee is designed to complement the SES line of wheels and deliver aerodynamic efficiency on par with the fastest bikes on the market.

Aerodynamic development goals for the Melee:

-Versatility - Balanced aerodynamic efficiency and weight savings.

-Tube shapes complement SES rim shapes.

-Integrated system with concealed cables

-Performance at 32 km/h and 48 km/h (FAST IN THE REAL WORLD)


The Melee is inspired by the design of ENVE's own Custom Road. However, whilst the Custom Road is all about customisation, the Melee is all about speed.

The Melee's monocoque design allows for wider tubes and refined shapes for improved aerodynamic performance.


As a manufacturer of wheels, components and now frames, ENVE can do what many cannot: design the frame to complement the ENVE SESTM rim shapes.

By simply changing the wheelset and SESTM tyres, one can change the personality of the Melee to meet the needs of the day's objective.


Melee + SES 2.3 = Climbing

Melee + SES 3.4 = All Road Versatility

Melee + SES 4.5 = Road Race

Melee + SES 6.7 = Triathlon or Lead Out


The Melee is designed for efficiency from the second the air begins to flow over its surfaces. From the SES tyre and front wheel, to the fork, head tube and beyond, the Melee is designed for speed.


Versatility is the word most used by the modern road cyclist. From criteriums to classics, this one bike can do it all and is largely achieved with tyre clearance.

Tyre clearance (according to tyre label)

Minimum - 25 mm (Less will negatively affect geometry/handling)

Maximum - 35 mm

Recommended - 27 to 31 mm (Geometry adjusted for these sizes)


25 to 30 mm for racing handling

28 to 35 mm for mixed surfaces


In addition to a wide range of tyre clearance, the Melee is compatible with most makes, models and transmission configurations on the market.

Compatibility with :

-Mechanical (Shimano only*)

-Wired electronics of all brands

-Wireless electronics of any brand 1x or 2x


You're only as fast as your fit allows. The Melee is available in seven frame sizes and five fork sizes, whilst handlebar, stem and seatpost options are a la carte.

These options make the Melee the most easily customisable fixed geometry race bike on the market.


Coverage to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of original purchase. Paint is covered for two years. Registration is required within 60 days of purchase. Second hand owners are covered from the date of manufacture of the product.


This program provides pro-rated replacement coverage for damage inflicted to your products while racing, riding or transporting your bicycle. Product registration is required within 60 days of purchase to be eligible for this program.

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