Colnago C68

The new Colnago C68 has been completely redesigned: more stiff and resistant and weighs 40 grams less.

Back in 2018, when neither the pandemic nor the war in Ukraine existed yet, Colnago released the latest version of their flagship model: The Colnago C64. Now this historic model has evolved once again: Colnago C68.

It's been more than 4 years now since Colnago have made any notable updates to this frame, albeit new paint schemes and special editions which have been released throughout these years.

The Model C, which is considered the “classic” Colnago model, is always handmade in Italy, following the tradition , and has been designed thinking on those who love bicycles with a unique and exclusive design. 

Colnago C68: Manufacturing

The latest updates in the well-known legendary C-series are huge: is still handmade in Italy, but new features amazing latest techs that include 3D printing and blockchain. The Colnago C68 has every bit to be a worthy successor. It has blended tradition - is still manufactured by hand in Italy, even the tubes themselves following the tradition of all the C bikes, but now incorporates all the latest technology.

The Colnago C68 frame - like all its predecessors - it has been manufactured by bonding all the tubes and the different lugs instead of laying up carbon in a mould, the usual process with monocoque frames. This has allowed Colnago to create more sizes, and if customers choose the 3D printed titanium lugs option, then it is a true made-to-measure frame with custom geometry. 

Colnago C68: New Features

The new features are the following:

  • Headtube: The new splitted headtube is now much stronger, much lighter and way more customizable than ever. The different parts are reduced from 8 parts (on the C64) down to 6 parts, and in this way Colnago is saving weight (less bonding area) and machining/gluing time.
  • Seat Tube: It has the same shape of the V3Rs seatpost, a semi truncated drop shape adds a bit of aero performance, and gives more vertical compliance compared to the previous round 31.6mm seatpost.
  • Fork: The fork of the C68 has been completely redesigned, it is way more stiff and way more resistant and only weighs 40 grams less. The C68's fork has been completely redesigned, and new features an external rib-shape to give the rider way more comfort (front stiffness) but also to increase the ride-quality (side stiffness).
  • Bottom Bracket: It has been designed around our proven ThreadFit82.5, which is basically a PressFit with a removable base sleeves, the bottom bracket lug is now way more complex than ever. All the cable guiding, which was just a bolt-on plastic part, is now completely molded into the lug – now Colnago save grams as well as to offer the biggest possible radius for the best shifting performance.

Geometries and colours

Colnago remains faithful in this aspect, and once again offer two geometries: Sloping and High.

The sloping geometry is Colnago's standard geometry, which is already comfortable and is the one that in most cases the most popular option. This geometry of the C68 will be available from the launch in March. 

The high geometry can be selected in cases where the customer is looking for a SUPER COMFORTABLE bicycle, enabling them to ride for longer in a more endurance based position. This geometry will be available to order from Colnago in around June-July.

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