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If we're talking about ultra-distance and adventure in cycling terms, we're describing Apidura. The English company was born with the philosophy of packing as much as possible without impacting the weight of the bike. Apidura seeks after research, experience and innovation to make the perfect product to give a new scene to the world of cycling. The products are developed down to the last detail, perfecting each point of the bike packing bag to create a 10/10 product. 

The History of Apidura

Apidura was founded in 2013 by Tori and Pierre, two cycling enthusiasts looking for ways to further pursue their passion. The Londoners set up the business with the goal of making a benchmark brand in bike-packing.

Apidura's goal was and still is to create a bike-packing product with good design, ergonomics, applying the best technology, to carry cyclists and discover the world.

For Apidura, values are very important. his is reflected in the way they run their business. Apidura opposes impulsive consumption, aggressive marketing and waste. Creating a sustainable product with a long service life, and designing bike-packing products to be used and easily repairable once worn.

Apidura Products

The bags are developed, designed and manufactured by their own team at their London headquarters.

The functionality of all their products is reflected in each of their designs and prototypes. They must provide a solution for the changing environments and conditions that we may encounter during our adventure.

Due to their experience as cyclists and with the desire create products to meet their needs, Apidura are constantly dedicated to developing their products. 

At Apidura, they seek to create products that help people explore the world around them on their bikes. The in-house team of designers and manufacturers are based in London and take great care to create bicycle packages that are both functional and stylish. They understand that customers use the products in a variety of environments, some of which can be quite harsh, so they ensure that each sketch and prototype can withstand tough conditions. They also conduct regular research and talk to customers to get feedback to help us improve and evolve our products.

Finally, Apidura works with suppliers around the world to source the best materials for the products.

The Apidura collection is made up of three product ranges, trying to cover the different cycling profiles.

Apidura Collections

  • Apidura Backcountry Series 

    This collection is specially designed to explore any trail or path you want to ride on any style of bike you own.

    The Apidura Backcountry collection is designed to excel in adverse conditions, built with durable materials and is easy to repair in the field. It is designed for a longevity.

    The Backcountry Series is where Apidura began almost a decade ago, but despite the passage of time, it continues the process of continuous innovation of English brand's series.

    Apidura Backcountry is optimised for mountain bikes. These types of bikes, with less "standard" frames, require backpacks designed for the same purpose in order to help maintain neutral handling of the bike, and thus enjoy exploring without compromise. 

    Buy Apidura Backcountry series

  • Apidura Expedition Series
  • The EXPEDITION series has been created for on-road and long distance riding. The Apidura Expedition collection is constructed from a lightweight and waterproof material. This series is possibly the best choice for the toughest conditions when travelling on a bike.


    The Expedition series provides us with the necessary storage thanks to its wide range of bag formats, both in terms of location on our bike and in terms of capacity.  Depending on the trip, we can equip our bikes by choosing from the large amount that Apidura offers, distributing the weight on our bike and thus maintain a good balance in controlling our bike.


    Travelling further and for more days on a bike means an increased chance of encountering changing weather conditions. The Expedition series has a waterproof design that will keep us and our luggage safe when conditions turn against us.
  • Apidura Racing Series

    The Apidura Racing Series is designed for the specific demands of ultra distance racing. Constructed from an ultra-lightweight custom laminate developed specifically for Apidura.


Ultra-endurance cyclists spend long hours in the saddle on open roads, not only in competition, but also during the many hours of training before the event. The Apidura Racing Series will allow them to pedal light and fast.
The Apidura Racing Series aims to provide accessible and uncomplicated storage space for ultra distance cyclists.

The fabric has been tailored to meet the needs of ultra distance cyclists. Ultra-lightweight, durable and waterproof, the Hexalon fabric ensures that the Apidura Racing Series is suitable for the challenges of ultra distance competition.

What do the three Apidura series have in common?

Apidura, as we have already mentioned, makes all its products with a single objective. Extensive research, development and innovation means that year after year Apidura offer us better models and series of products for bike packing.

  • The main purpose of Apidura is to help the cyclist to load his/her bike with everything necessary for a trip of several days or an ultra-distance race. 
  • We are able to choose several distribution options (handlebars, frame and saddle), and the load capacity (litres), in order to distribute the weight of the load on the bike, to have as little affect on the control of the bike as possible. 
  • We will have at hand a product with a guarantee that it has been manufactured in the best hands. A product that is respectful with the environment and that will have a very long reliability and durability to never stop enjoying our bike rides. 

You can take a look at the Apidura collection on our website by clicking on the button below or from here.

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