3T Cycling Gravel Bikes

3T Bikes are pure gravel bikes

For over 50 years, 3T Cycling has designed and produced high-quality components which have frequently found their way into the pro peloton. Based in Italy, 3T has provided equipment to well-known professional teams and cyclists, such as Moser and Merckx, amongst many others. 3T Cycling began working with steel, later pioneering the manufacture of aluminum handlebars, and currently is a benchmark brand in the bicycle and carbon componentry industry. 3T manufacture a variety of components including stems, seatposts and wheels. At Velodrom, we are the official dealer of 3T Cycling gravel bikes. 

3T’s bicycles are different, allowing you to go in search of adventures which were not possible before. This is the case with the Italian 3T Cycling gravel bikes. Designed by Gerard Vroomen, one of the founders of the Cérvelo brand and current co-owner of OPEN Cycles, 3T gravel bikes are born from decades of experience and technological advances in the market. The result? The first aerodynamic gravel bike with every small detail refined, to produce a bicycle as capable of shining on gravel as it is on the road. 

3T EXPLORO - The ultimate gravel bike.

With a wide carbon fork and a wide predominant lower tube, the 3T Exploro has all the earmarks of a very comfortable, powerful and fast bike. It is a very light bike with clean geometry, the result of the sum of careful details, designed to reach speed and so that there are no limits on the desire to explore.

The 3T Exploro understands that aerodynamics matter even at low speeds. The frame has square tubing, with a pointed front and rectangular rear. This innovative design allows for easier aerodynamics (saving 7W at 30kph!) and increases frame stiffness.

3T EXPLORO TEAM - The original gravel bike from 3T Cycling.

3T Cycling created its first gravel bike model a few seasons ago, opening with it a door to an infinite range of possibilities. Today, this model follows the 3T catalog and is one of the best-selling and best-priced gravel bikes.

It can be configured with 700 wheels with Gravel tires, or with road tires if you prefer to turn it into a road bike, or with 650B wheels (of width up to 2.1”). Thus, this versatility allows the capability of being able to do more demanding, technical routes, or a multi-day bike packing trip.

In addition, the price of the 3T Exploro Team gravel is more contained than that of the 3T Exploro models, which allows super interesting configurations at an incredible price.

There are 4 different models of 3T Exploro Pro/Team in 2022. Starting with cheapest model built with Sram Apex, to the new AXS Rival electronic groupset.


Whether you're riding road or gravel, Velodrom and 3T both love speed. So 3T's latest development, the 3T RaceMax gravel bike, is designed specifically for that. The end result is the first gravel bike that allows you to:

  1. Make your "gravel" bike look like a road bike.
  2. Have a gravel bike that allows you to ride it as if it were a road bike.
  3. Fly along on gravel tracks.

Best of all, the great virtue of this bike, is that the same 3T RaceMax gravel bike can be configured with a setup more focused on pure speed (the "RACE" setup on our page), or as an unstoppable machine which devours gravel tracks with wider tires (the "MAX" setting on our website). With two sets of wheels, you can easily switch between RACE and MAX. You choose. That's the 3T RaceMax bike.



The 3T Exploro Boost is the new electric gravel bike from 3T, which best of all, does not look like an electric gravel bike. It features the Mahle X-35 transmission system, which has been customised by 3T and designed specifically for the Exploro Racemax Boost. This transmission system has uniquely been installed on the rear hub, topping out at an incredibly low total weight of only 3.5 kg (motor, battery, controller, wiring and controls). It is also compatible with ant+.

The main features of this 3T electric gravel bike are:

  • 250Wh hidden battery.
  • Mahle e-bike motion X35 motor for a natural power supply in a super light package.
  • 3 assistance levels: ECO-MEDIUM-TURBO.
  • It looks like a standard gravel bike, however is actually electric.
  • 1 speed GRX groupset. 

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